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288 Apartments in Berlin

Berlin, Germany

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109 000 000 EUR
Type of investment
Living Area
17735 m2
Plot Size
23265 m2
Year Built



One of the most impressive industrial plants of the 19th century is going to be resurrected after a period of 200 years.
In Germany’s capital city Berlin a project developer will implement a project of superlatives and build about three-hundred listed apartments.
After reconstruction and revitalization, the buildings and the area will belong to the most modern housing estates in Germany, providing valuable homes and telling the location’s fascinating history.


Not only tourists and young creative minds feel strongly attracted by the German capital – investors too, consider Berlin a top location to realize their plans.
Berlin’s image has been shaped by urbanity, cosmopolitan attitude and innovative spirit, and this shines far beyond Germany and Europe. Local recreation areas, excellent infrastructure and a rich cultural life make Berlin a great liveable city.
While more and more people move to the buzzing metropolis, the demand for properties and housing constantly increases. Experts assume that this trend will last for the future years. Furthermore, it will offer profitable investment options.


The marked plant will be remodelled for residential purposes and about 300 condominiums will be formed. The listed buildings have been in use until 1995.
The remodelling will be made in accordance with the historic structure and the present static structure will be preserved. To reduce structural changes to an acceptable minimum, mainly removable fixtures will be used. The intended extension of balconies, roof terraces and open terraces will be consulted in detail with the competent monument protection authority before the planning application is submitted. The restoration of the visible façade will be done carefully to reveal the historic characteristics of the buildings.
Parking places for each of the currently recorded apartments will be provided. To avoid impairment of the plant’s characteristic type of construction, the underground car park and bicycle stands will be built in the courtyard’s area. The roof tops will be covered with grass to make the courtyard a recreation area for future residents.

Building data

property size: 23,265 m²
base area rotunda: 9,265 m² site coverage rotunda: 0.40
base area garage: 8,470 m² site coverage garage: 0.36
total built-up area: 17,735 m² total site coverage: 0.76 (rounded off)

Flat sizes quantity:
flats with 2 rooms 93
flats with 3 rooms 100
flats with 4 rooms 80
flats with 5 to 7 rooms 15

The path’s size leading to surrounding streets and the terraces’ size on the roadside could not be defined yet.

The anticipated size is:
terraces ground floor: approx. 305 m²
additions/ driveways: 500 m²

Investment opportunity

Market value:
Underground parking garage: € 4.640.000 (€ 29,00 per parking space)
Apartments: € 104.704.000 (€ 4,000 per square metre)
Total: € 109.344.000

Rental yield:
Based on our experience, we presume an annual rental yield of at least five per cent net earnings (before tax) after the project has been completed. To verify this prognosis, we have commissioned a report which will be compiled by the prestigious bulwiengesa AG, a Berlin-based market research company. The relevant figures will be available during the first quarter of 2016.

For this project the project developer offers institutional investors the opportunity to place funds in the amount of the purchase price. The legal form of the investment fund depends primarily on the investor’s ideas, wishes and requirements. The spectrum of possible arrangements ranges from loan-based investments to long-term commitments, e.g. as proprietor (owner) or operator of a property.


After a NDA we have more information available.


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