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The real estate sites and other extensions are operated by Roimmo LLC with registered office in 30 N Gould STE 9000 Sheridan, WY 82801, Verenigde Staten. Roimmo LLC operates through a franchise with partners in various countries and regions, which each bear their own responsibilities under a cooperation agreement concluded with each of them.

Terms of Use
This website is produced and offered by Roimmo LLC, hereafter Roimmo. The following conditions apply when using the website and its components by visitors.

Access to and use of this site means that you as a user agree to these conditions. Use of this website may only under these conditions. Roimmo LLC provides no guarantee for the faultless and continuous functioning of this website. Roimmo LLC aims as much as possible to make the website available to the public, but may at any time restrict of suspend access to the site (or parts of the site) for maintenance and updates, or related to other reasons. At all times Roimmo LLC has the right to adjust the operation of the site (or parts thereof) and / or terminate or to be transferred to others, or to outsource.

Roimmo Internet platform
Roimmo LLC is a matchmaker and only brings parties together as sellers, buyers, investors and financers. Roimmo LLC does not act as a broker or intermediary, accompanies no viewings, does not investigate due diligence, does not negotiate and sets no purchase / sales agreements. Roimmo LLC facilitates and manages an international internet platform and is able to serve users with said work from a to z by and in collaboration with reputable specialists / agents in its network.

Limitation placement profiles
Additional profiles are posted by users on the websites of Roimmo LLC. The pricing of a profile is established for the publication of a specific item listing. Profiles can be changed by the user but can not be replaced by an entirely different profile. In this case, user must insert a new profile at the applicable rate. If a profile is early removed of the website by user, no appeal can be made to any refund.
Placement and payment of a profile so automatically and also means that this profile is no withdrawal or cancellation of legal force.

Roimmo LLC has the right to refuse or deactivate subscribed profiles in the following cases:

  • The user does not have authority to sell;
  • A profile refers to an object that is already being sold;
  • A used text violates these terms of use;
  • One or more images do not present the property;
  • A profile lists the address of another website;
  • A profile contains one or more errors;
  • A profile is illegal;
  • A profile is already posted by another user.

Access Prohibition
Roimmo LLC is entitled to refuse full or partial access to the site to users (individuals or legal entities) who:

  • violate the Terms and Conditions
  • the personal data to which access may be used via the website (free) offer goods or services to third parties or would indulge in spamming
  • would place knowingly false or unlawful profiles
  • harm the reputation of the site damage
  • would violate the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • would use the site for illegal purposes

Roimmo LLC also reserves the right to prosecute such persons.

Links to other websites
The profiles can contain hyperlinks that link to content from third parties or to websites that are not operated by Roimmo LLC. Roimmo LLC can not be held responsible for the quality and accuracy of content or websites themselves. Operators of such websites are so self solely responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations regarding their products and services and in particular with regard to consumer protection, distance-selling, legislation with regard to pricing, tariffs, etcetera.

Headings "Buy" and "Financing"
Roimmo LLC makes every effort to publish reliable and current profiles on their websites. Neither Roimmo LLC nor physical person or legal entity (agent, broker, promoter or private) who have handed Roimmo the profile, can be held responsible for any obvious errors or omissions in the content of the profile or current availability. Profiles in no case constitute an offer in the legal sense of the word. Roimmo LLC advices at any time before a decision is reached in any transaction involving an object, to contact the vendor who provided the account to personally check if the information and the availability of the property is correct and up to date.

The information provided is always of a provisional nature and should always be confirmed by the supplier, who posted the profile. Roimmo can never be held responsible for the legality, accuracy and content of the profiles that are placed on the Roimmo LLC sites, nor are given for the quality of the objects and / or services in advertising.

On purchase cost, Roimmo LLC recommends that users consult an expert such as a notary. This allows users to provide an indication of the various costs, fees, duties and tax aspects that are involved in a purchase / sale transaction. On financing, Roimmo advises users to contact a financial institution or advisor.

Users who post on Roimmo LLC sites, undertake to provide only information profiles (images, pictures, ...) that does not conflict with the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights (copyrights, image rights, ... ). Users indemnify Roimmo LLC for any third party actions related to subscribed profiles by them.

Responsibility for the content posted by users on the sites
All information, text, photos, videos, additions or any other form of content posted by users on the Roimmo websites falls under their own responsibility. Roimmo LLC reviews the content posted by users on the website, but does not check it and therefore can not be held responsible for it.

Users declare, accept and guarantee that Roimmo LLC has the right to use and publish any text or information posted by users on the Roimmo LLC website.

Users should behave in accordance with what may be expected from a responsible and careful internet user. Among other things users are not allowed to hinder or harm other users. Users are not permitted to distribute statements or reports of racism or otherwise offensive or coarse nature through the website. It is also not allowed to use racist or otherwise offensive names on the website. Such statements, messages and names - to the discretion of Roimmo LLC - can be immediately removed from the website.
Users have to commit to indemnify  Roimmo LLC, executives, employee, partners and agents from all claims for liability and other proceedings that may be brought by third parties in response to a content which was posted on the site by users.

A visitor can register as an user on the websites of Roimmo LLC if he intends to place one or more profiles on payment of the applicable fare. Therefore the user fills out a form with your personal data. The registration, which is subject to the privacy policy, provides access to the following services:

  • placing one or more profiles of investment
  • using the (international) platform between buyers and sellers
  • use the services of experts and funders
  • newsletters with the latest profiles and tips and advice

The password assigned to users and enabling them to identify themselves in order to use the Roimmo LLC services is personal and confidential. Users are solely responsible for their use and undertake this password does not pass to a third party. Only users themselves are fully responsible for any activity carried out under the provided code.

The copyright of the published objects and information belongs to Roimmo LLC or listed authors. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without written permission from Roimmo, stored in a computerized database or made public in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Roimmo LLC. The content of this website is intended for personal, non-commercial use. For any other use prior authorization by Roimmo LLC is required. The intellectual property rights of all text, images, sounds and software on this website belong to Roimmo LLC. Insofar user sends Roimmo LLC texts, images, sounds and / or software or post these on the website, users transfer all intellectual property rights over to Roimmo and accordingly indemnify Roimmo LLC against claims from third parties. Roimmo LLC therefore include the right to exploit these contributions commercially. Should Roimmo be informed of (allegedly) infringing material or (allegedly) infringing links on the website than Roimmo LLC has the right but not the obligation, to remove this content or links immediately. Roimmo LLC reserves the right to shorten and / or modify submitted text and images. © 2016 Roimmo

Roimmo LLC states to treat information provided by users with care and confidentiality. Roimmo LLC will not disclose personal information provided by users to third parties other than the parties involved in the specific action, unless users have explicitly consented. The full text of the Privacy Policy can be found on the Roimmo websites.

Various provisions, applicable law and jurisdiction
The invalid, void or unenforceable nature of all or part of any of the above provisions will not automatically lead to the invalidity of all the terms of use of this document. Such provision shall be deemed not written and users accept that Roimmo will replace this provision by another with the same effect. Roimmo LLC can not be held responsible for complaints or legal action by a third party alleging that the use of one of the elements of the content of the website or any of the products or services offered by the website, would infringe his alleged intellectual rights.

For any dispute arising out of the use of the Roimmo websites, law of Wyoming, United States shall apply and only the court of Wyoming has jurisdiction.