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Adding one or more listings
Before to be able to add new listings for the first time you will have to be registered as new Member/User. You simply click on "Submit new profiles" at the Homepage just under the company logo.
You just fill in all the required information before to choose the "Plan" of your choice by clicking on the appropriate box. Hereafter you are requested to read the "Contract" and to agree by ticking the box. After that you click on "Register". Now you enter in the safe payment envirement where you can pay for your profile plan.

Start listing
After completion of the registration procedure you will receive your personal "Member/User" login. This login enables you to enter into the system and to start adding new profiles of investment properties. 

Uploading pictures and videos

Before you start adding new listings make a collection of the pictures and viedos you wish to add to the profiles. You can save them before you start with the content. If notyou always can add them later by logging in again and to enter into the appropriate profile.

Information and translation
An attractive and complete profile makes a huge difference. The best is to write as much relevant information and use the features which are at your disposal. When the text of origen is ready for publication save it well and also save content constantly, chances are that you will logged out automatically by the system (timeout). As your profiles are not only seen by visitors of your country but as ell by many more visitors all over the world it is important to have your profiles translated in all possible languages. Don't worry our system will help you with that. 

Once you are ready with the original text of the profile and after having saved it you can use the automatic translator of the system. Just click on the translate button for the text to be translated in the language of your choice. Please remind that these translations are automatically produced and can contain mistakes. You can make corrections manually in the languages. Don't forget to save frequently.